Tuesday, November 17, 2009

now that the blood has dried...

Well, another Blood Brothers has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us again this year. Patrick and I (and the entire Nosedive crew) had a blast putting The New Guignol together.

I have a couple of things lined up for the next few months. In mid-December I'll be directing the fourth episode of Entrenched, Nosedive's entry in the Vampire Cowboy's Grand Saloon. I've been incredibly impressed with the work Patrick, Adam Swiderski and Matt Gray have done with the previous episodes in the series... I'll definitely have to bring my A-game.

I'm also planning on finally finishing the revamped Nosedive site. When I relaunched it a year ago last August, only the last half dozen shows had individual pages. I've expanded it to include many of the earlier shows over the past year, but there are still 5 early Nosedive shows that don't have pages up. Additionally, in anticipation of the Nosedive 10 year anniversary coming up in early 2010, I have a number of graphic design projects kicking around in the works.

And sleep. Boy, am I catching up on a lot of sleep these days. Running back to back from Infectious to Brokenhearteds to Blood Bros was amazing, but it wore me the hell out. Wouldn't trade it though... Immensely proud of all three shows.

In the meantime, check out some of the excellent production photos from the New Guignol (taken by our fantastic designers, Daniel Winters and Sarah Riffle). Enjoy!