Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Season's Greetings from Nosedive

No Carol this year, but Scrooge and his spectral buddies wanted to wish all of you happy holidays nonetheless...

Nosedive Site Updates

When I initially relaunched the Nosedive website in August, it included detailed pages for a handful of our most recent shows - all three Blood Brothers installments, Colorful World and Nervous-Boy. I wanted to include more of our previous productions, but I had to shift my focus to directing Master of Horror with Patrick.

Fortunately, since MOH closed a couple of weeks ago I've been fighting off the post-show blues by getting back into the site redesign. Last night I finished up work on new production pages for A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol, Suburban Peepshow, Dying Goldfish, Mayonnaise Sandwiches and The Awaited Visit. It was a lot of fun to go back and look closely at these productions again. Our company photographer Aaron Epstein has always done amazing work for us... I particularly enjoy some of his more surreal photos on Peepshow, Mayo and Awaited Visit.

There are a handful of shows left that are missing production pages, including Hellcat, Ruins and Monkeys. That last one is going to be interesting, as we have no photos, video, reviews or other evidence of production. I hope to get these and all other production pages up by the end of the year. Once those are finished, I'm looking to add expanded company bio pages and a graphic design gallery in the new year.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Voted before work this morning. My polling station is PS 375 in Brooklyn, aka Jackie Robinson School. It was pretty packed... the line outside went around the block two corners. There's a large courtyard in front of the school where the poll workers were trying to organize the front of the line by Election District.

Unfortunately, the organization effort didn't go so well and the courtyard quickly filled up completely. The cops had to chain off the gate to the courtyard and let it clear out before letting the rest of us on the street in. I was the cut off, stuck right at the front of the line that was kept waiting. I got to hang out with a handful of annoyed cops who were trying to sort through the school employees and senior citizens who need to get through the line. Everyone seemed in pretty good spirits though, patiently determined to wait the lines out. This is what high turnout looks like...

I believe the election is going to turn on registration, turnout and enthusiasm. In two words: Ground Game. I think Obama is going to do even better than expected.

Found some really interesting Obama art around the web in various places... thought I'd throw a few up here for Election Day. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Skeletor, a Gladiator and the NonaMonster walk into a bar...

Check out some photos from the Halloween show of Master of Horror.

Only one night left for the Master of Horror. If you haven't caught it yet, get a ticket fast...